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Your trip to Italy will be 100% tailored to your interest

Italy Travel advice.

Italy trip planning service: get insider’s expertise to plan a memorable Italian trip

Italy trip planning service: customized Italy trip planning to help you design the best possible bespoke Italy trip for your and your family .

Why would you need an Italy trip planning service to help on your Italy trip planning?

Well, are you asking yourself quest ions such as: “So many places to see and only 10 days available: how can I get the most out of my trip?”.
“Which are the nicest and truly Italian accommodation s to stay?”.
“Which is the best way to move around.
Can I trust Italian public tran sport s?”.
” How can I skip the queue at the main touristic sites?”.
“Which Italian experiences I just can’t miss?”.
If you would ask “yes” to some of the above questions,  then using my Italy Trip Planning service  could save you a lot of time, headaches and money.
Yes, that’s me, on San Miniato terrace, which enjoys the best Florence view – do you know how to get to this amazing terrace.

You will get a personalized Italy Trip Plan including accommodations

tour guides, transfers, walking tours, food and wine tours and more.
Your trip to Italy will be 100% tailored to your interest, tastes and personal requirement s, so to make it really memorable.
On top of that, I will make you discover destinations and live experiences you would hardly find without local knowledge.
Not convinced yet.
Fill your Italy trip form HERE, and I will provide you with FREE initial advice and recommendations!.

How does the Italy trip planning service work

You use the form below to tell me the size of your party, your arrival and departing dates, which places you would like to visit (if you already know!), your daily hotel budget and any additional information relevant to shape your Italian experience.
That will be the starting point of your unique Italian adventure.
So what will you get?.
Based on these information you will receive: A detailed itinerary, with optimized logistics, and links to the train operators web sites.
What to see in the different destinations, including maps and walking tours – note that I will often refer to my posts, because they are good!.
Links to the hotels I recommend for each location, after checking availability in the dates relevant for you – I’m a affiliate.
Links to recommended museums, attractions and guided tours, so that you can pre-book, skip the queue and save time – I’m a Ticketbar and Viator affiliate.
Tips, ideas and suggestions based on my personal experience, plus answers to any question you may have about your trip.
How much does it cost?.
As you can imagine, .

Crafting a tailored Italy trip plan is a lot of work

After a pilot phase during which I offered this service for free, I received so many inquiries that I was forced to ask for a small fee.
This is what I charge for your own tailored Italian Itinerary: 1 week itinerary: 99 €.
2 weeks itinerary: 189 €.
3 weeks or more: 279 €.
4 weeks or more: 349 €.
I use PayPal to handle the payments, and I will ask for a 50% down payment (minimum 50 €) before I start working on your trip plan., plus PayPal fees.
So what are you waiting for.
Fill the form below to get in touch, free of charge, no commitment.
I will answer to you by mail with my initial recommendations  (that’s free of charge!).
I will add the link to my Paypal account, in case you would like to get the full service.

In case you don’t know yet which places you would like to visit in Italy

have a look at my Italy in 3 weeks itinerary.
It covers most of the unmissable Italian destinations, so that you can chose the ones you like.
What are you waiting for.

Click here to fill the Italy Trip Planning form and get free travel advice!

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13 Replies to “Italy trip planning service: get insider’s expertise to plan a memorable Italian trip”.
Yim August 13, 2017 at 5:45 am One word “amazing”.
We will be traveling with my family to Italy in a few weeks.
Jean-Pierre responded within a day and gave me a great itinerary that was family friendly.
Thank you so much.
Would highly recommend.
MartyB April 4, 2018 at 4:50 pm Jean-Pierre, and his Delightfully Italy website, has fantastic information about Italy.
His information was very helpful in planning our vacation to Rome.
I asked him specifically about the catacombs and his recommendation was perfect.
We took the hop-on hop-off bus out to the catacombs, took the tour of the catacombs, and even had time to have an ice cream while we waited for the bus to return.
John-Pierre’s knowledge of Italy is wonderful.
I would certainly recommend him as a travel consultant.
Reply April 4, 2018 at 5:14 pm Many Thanks Marty, I’m delighted you had a nice time.
Faten Hodroge April 4, 2018 at 8:59 pm Jean-Pierre helped us plan a last minute trip last year, for our 25th wedding anniversary, and what an amazing trip it was.
He responded right away with recommendations and favorites and adjusted his recommendations based on our comments.
We certainly could not have found all the spots without Jean-Pierre’s help.
Our trip included a stop at Venice, Opera at Verona, bicycling trip beside a river, boating in Lago di garda, a stop in Florence and a trip in Tuscany, I would recommend Jean-Pierre without hesitation and wish I can find a Jean-Pierre for every trip we plan.
Hannah April 4, 2018 at 11:26 pm JP was incredibly responsive to my queries before our trip to Italy in September 2017.
He provided lots of options for our trip in terms of accomodation, transport and towns to stay.
Thanks so much!.
Sagar April 6, 2018 at 1:04 pm Jean-Pierre helped me draft a perfect 10 day itinerary for Tuscany in Sep 2017.
I got in touch with him via his website and after filling in a form with the requisite travel details, he sent me a detailed powerpoint with links to suggested hotels, tourist attractions and recommendations for things to do, restaurants, etc.
He also suggested alternative itineraries so that I had all the information at hand while making an informed choice.
Because of his generous help, I was able to thoroughly enjoy my Tuscan holiday without any of the customary stress which is present in detailed planning.
I highly recommend Jean-Pierre’s service and would take it up again for my next Italian adventure.
Grazie mille.
Jean-Marc Storme April 6, 2018 at 3:54 pm Anyone travelling to Italy should use his services.
We received tailored a day to day itinerary based on the request we sent to him by email.
Included were suggested hotels by town (with the links to reserve them), for each city there was a detailed list of the main things to do and see, Jean-Pierre’s personal recommendation for restaurants (ones he’s actually tried), plus the very important “Insider’s tips” the special touch that makes your trip even better.
He doesn’t just take your suggested itinerary and run with it, he actually makes great suggestions on how to improve it, by highlighting what really should be seen to truly experience Italy.
Reply April 6, 2018 at 4:05 pm Many thanks Jean Marc, happy to know you enjoyed my travel directions.
Vishal Oswal May 27, 2018 at 7:21 pm I am really overwhelmed with the kind of support Jean Pierre has provided , he has exxeexcel knowledge and is ready to really go that extra mile as a consultant and advisor.
I recommend his services and he is very fair with his prices.

Thank you JP for all your support during my 10 day Italy trip

Vishal Oswal- India Reply May 27, 2018 at 10:34 pm Thank you Vishal, happy to have contributed to the success of your Italian trip.
Visha Suchde September 27, 2018 at 6:53 am My partner and I just finished a 22 day trip to Italy.
JP helped us build the most perfect itinerary, transport and accommodation which covered everything we wanted to do.
It was quite extensive but his planning and recommendations made it far easier.
With money, I would say we would have spent far more if he wasn’t helping us with all the logistics, so the fees he charged were more than worth it.
He was prompt, patient and incredibly forthcoming in making all our travel fantasies come true.
I would highly recommend everyone who is planning a Italy holiday to use his services Reply September 27, 2018 at 9:59 am Hi Visha, I’m so happy to hear that you trip was a full success.
Waiting for your next trip to Italy.
Paula Garrett November 18, 2018 at 5:14 pm We completely enjoyed our trip and credit Jean Pierre for his great advice and help.
We were given an excellent and efficient outline for the 12 day trip.
Our loop started and ended in Milan and included a wonderful assortment of towns and experiences.
A few days in the Tuscan hill towns was great – so pleased that we did that and overcame our fear of driving in a foreign country.
The pace of the trip suited us as did the accommodations JP recommended.
Give him an idea of your goals and energy level and I think you’ll be pleased with his suggestions.
Example: we told him that we are 2 retired couples interested in art, history, food, culture and dolce vita.
He suggested an itinerary and we took it from there using his blog articles and some research on our own.
If you are the type that needs focus to get things started- start here.
Enjoy your trip!.
The Garretts and the Icards.
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Step 3: Install WordPress and Plugins

Start a Travel Blog.
Start a Travel Blog.
How to Start a Travel Blog.
Starting a travel blog doesn’t have to be complicated.
In fact, you can do it in under an hour with some basic knowledge.
This article is for anyone who wants to learn how to start a travel blog from scratch .
It only takes about 10 minutes to get your travel blog up and running.
From creating a blog name, to setting up a hosting package, .

Install WordPress and customizing the look of your blog

Some of you might be starting a travel blog so you can share your travels with your family and friends or because you want to live a life of travel and create a business around it.
The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to make money and travel the world, or simply just share your travel stories with others .

I began in 2007 when “travel blogging” wasn’t an everyday term

What began as my passion for filming fun and informative travel episodes naturally evolved into wanting to share my experiences on my travel blog.
Nearly 10 years later , I’ve traveled to 68 countries across 6 continents and I’ve been named as one of the Top 10 Best Travel Videographers by USA Today and Top 10 Travel Video Sites by OOAworld.
I also won the award for Best Culinary Video /Series in the 2020 Travel Video Alliance Awards.
Most of my travel opportunities come through my website, which is why it’s important to set up your travel blog correctly.
Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.
It would help me in reducing the cost of running this website .
I genuinely recommend these products from my personal experience.

Basic Steps on How to Start a Travel Blog

Pick the perfect name.
Set up hosting for your blog.
Install WordPress and Plugins.
Become social.
Build a MASSIVE email list!.
Allow guest posts.
Attend conferences.
Travel A LOT!.
How to make money with your blog.
Step 1: Pick the perfect name.
Here’s where you’ll need to get creative.
Write down a list of possible names.
Before I started my travel company I was very fortunate to have come up with because people remember it easily.
I would first think about what your focus is.
Are you a food blogger.
Solo traveler.
You first need to define this before finding the perfect name.
I would make a list and share it with a few friends to see which one gets the best response.
Your name needs to define what your blog is about.
Mine is about destinations, and I have been here, there, and trying to go everywhere.
Step 2: Set up hosting for your blog.
So first off what is hosting.
Basically hosting is real estate on the internet that you rent.
It’s a place that holds all of your stories, images, and allows people to access it online.
Head to Bluehost (read this Bluehost review to learn more) to see if your domain name is available. is obviously taken, but you get the idea.
As you can see, Bluehost is inexpensive and gives you your domain name for FREE is you decide to sign up to one of their hosting plans.
The Basic plan is perfect for starting out.
Afterwards, you’ll choose how long you would like your plan to be.
I recommend 36 months because it’s the best value.
You’ll pay it up front but you’ll save money and won’t have to worry about it for 3 years.
Remember to check the box for Domain Privacy Protection to protect your personal information from the public (i.e.
phone number).
You don’t want strangers calling you on your personal number, I think all of us have enough of that already.
There’s only one thing left to do before the next step and that is to create an account and register with Bluehost.
Step 3: Install WordPress and Plugins.
To start your travel blog you’ll need to install WordPress – the most commonly used blogging software because of how simple it is to use.
It’s what I’ve used for since day one.
I highly recommend it over other ones because it is completely free and lets you customize your travel blog exactly as you like.
Once you sign into your Bluehost account, .

You’ll see the Install WordPress icon

Follow the steps to install WordPress

which could take a few minutes.
Once your download is complete, you’ll receive your Username and Password login information.
This means your travel blog is LIVE.
Type your Admin URL into your web browser (example:
You’ll see a login screen like the one below.
Enter your Username and Password you copied down from the previous step.

If you think WordPress is confusing

it’s actually pretty user-friendly.
Just like any new program, there’s a learning curve – you just need to do your homework to understand it better.
Here is a WorldPress training guide and a video tutorial.

When you login to WordPress you’ll be taken to the back-end

or dashboard, of your website.
This is the administrative center of your travel blog from which you’ll be able to customize its appearance, add your blog articles, and pretty much do everything.
Your readers will never see the back-end of your site.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick your WordPress Theme

There are hundreds of free themes to choose from.
You can take a look at the options here. For, I had my friend Craig at Performance Foundry custom-build me a design that worked for me.
But I also think Radiate ($59) or Adventure ($69) could work for a travel blog.
It’s up to you whether you are looking for a highly visual theme to display your photos or if you will want your writing to be the main focus with a few photos here and there.
Below is a sample of what the Adventure theme looks like.
Once you decide which theme is best for you it’s time to install it on your site.
Themes include installation instructions, with each step so it’s fast and easy. Choose a theme and click Activate Now the only thing left to do is get some content up on your new travel blog.
Below is a screenshot of how to get started publishing your blog posts.
Click on ‘Posts’ and select ‘Add New.’ As a precaution I write all m blog posts on a word document and then copy/paste the text into WordPress.
This way, I have all my content backed up.

But you could just as easily write your blog posts directly on WordPress

WordPress also lets you install Plug-ins

I have quite a few installed, but here are a few essential ones: Akismet: to protect your blog from spam.
Digg Digg: Displays social media icons on a floating sidebar, making it easy for people to share your posts.
This is crucial for every travel blogger.
Social Share Buttons: so readers can share your content on social medias.
I have Floating Social Bar, which has share buttons always visible on every post without slowing down my site.
Google Analytics: Installs Google Analytics, the industry standard of measuring your site’s visitors and traffic.
nRelate: Puts thumbnail images of related posts at the bottom of each post, showing people more content they might like.
Another crucial feature for your blog.

WordPress SEO by Yoast: Helps you create content that shows up better in search engines

Disqus Comment System: to allow comments on your blog posts – a great way to engage your readers.
You’ll also want to install a few Widgets, which are buttons on your site.
Mine run along the right side of my website, but different themes will have widgets in other places too.
The widget I use to have people subscribe with their email address is the Newsletter Widget.

Here’s a good guide on how to add and use widgets in WordPress

Step 4: Become social.
These days it isn’t enough just to have a social media account, you have to actually be using them consistently.
Start a Facebook Page.
Set up an Instagram Account.
You can also create accounts on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and SnapChat.
Don’t forget to create a good ‘About’ page on your site.
You can check mine out here.
Step 5: Build a MASSIVE email list!.
If you want to turn your travel passion into a travel business this is a crucial step that a lot of people forget about. Having an email subscriber base is a great way to stay in contact with your fans/readers/audience.
You can share your newest articles, exciting news, and so on… Think about the emails you get daily from blogs, coupon, or online retailers.
You get them because you signed up or were a customer at some point.
If someone subscribes to your site it’s probably because they want to receive more updates from you without having to go to your website to get them.
For years I didn’t have a way for people to subscribe to me.
I was a little shocked when I learned that this is the biggest way to create revenue and drive traffic back to your website.
Whenever I share my newest episodes I get a spike in views because my subscribers clicked on the link I shared.
First, I would recommend signing up to an email sending service from SendPulse, which lets your readers subscribe with their emails and allows you do bulk email marketing.
Their mobile app lets you add subscribers, send out mailings, and track their stats right from your mobile device.
What I especially like are their ready-made templates that you can customize to your blog’s style.
The free plan is for 2,500 subscribers or less, and allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per month at no cost.
Offer something for free like an e-book or discount code to a product you love (you’ll have to get it from the retailer) to give people an incentive to subscribe.
Now here’s an important question: How many times a year to do you send out an email.
I have learned that the best practice is to send out 36 emails a year if you’re trying to drive sales.
But, of course, if you’re just getting started and want to share your content, once a month is probably the easiest to manage.
Here are a few extra tips on how to drive traffic to your travel blog.
Step 6.
Allow guest posts.
This is a fantastic way to network with other travel bloggers and to get great content on your site.
Whether you choose to reach out to other bloggers directly, or have a “Guest Bloggers Welcome” button on your site to help them reach you, it’s up to you.
You can also help build backlinks to your blog by submitting guest posts of your own.
Note: By guest posts I mean original content created by a real writer on whatever topic you agree on.
Beware of advertisers contacting you as bloggers.
In those cases you’ll know because they want to include their clients’ links into the article.
There’s nothing wrong in accepting ads (sponsored articles) on your blog.
See Step 10 below about sponsored posts.
Step 7: Attend conferences.
This is really the best way to meet people in the industry, and also to present yourself to brands and tourism organizations.
I used to do this all the time before I got an agent, but I still think it’s a great way to network.
I recommend WTM in London and ITB in Berlin for business.
Here most tourism boards and big travel agencies attend to promote their destinations and meet people willing to market their destinations in exchange for free trips.
There are also many hotel companies (boutique and large chains) that attend these conferences so if your looking to barter (most won’t pay) then you should attend.
If you want to connect with hundreds of travel bloggers then I recommend TBEX.
TBEX is the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, new media content creators, and social media savvy travel industry professionals.
They host three conferences a year between the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Step 8: Travel A LOT!.
In the beginning you need to travel as much as you can especially if you want to create amazing content and develop a travel blog that people trust.
It has taken me almost 10 years to make a name for myself, but I had to start somewhere.
In the beginning I traveled in exchange for video content and blog articles (barter system) and it gave my site a huge boost of content.
Step 9: How to make money with your travel blog.
For most travel bloggers, this is the dream – to make money and travel the world.
Once you’ve got your site populated with some quality content you’re ready to create revenue. Here I am going to quickly cover the most common methods of making money with your travel blog.
You can also read an article I wrote a coupe years ago where different travel bloggers explain how to the make money and travel the world.
Sponsored Post: This is when an advertiser pays you to publish an article with links to their product or service.
Sometimes they send you the written article and other times you will be asked to write it.
The rates you charge depend on your traffic, but you can get anywhere from $25 to $500 for a sponsored post.
If you’re looking for a professional to manage this for you, contact me directly [email protected] for the contact information of a trusted ad partner specializing in selling sponsored content on blogs.
Affiliate Links: Another great way to make money with your travel blog is to add affiliate links throughout the content.
These are links to products you like and when one of your readers buys a product via the link you make a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to your reader.
You’ll have to contact the company directly to get affiliate links.
Sponsorships: So a tourism board just invited you on an all expense paid trip in exchange for articles.
Have you considered getting a sponsor for your trip.
In cases like these I like to have sponsors, whether it’s apparel, technology, or accessories.
You would have to reach out to each brand and pitch them why they should sponsor you with money, products, or both during your trip.
Sponsors want their products to be seen, which means backlinks, photos, social media shares, etc.
E-books – Have a great idea for an e-book.
A few travel bloggers like Nomadic Matt have created e-books that make them a good amount of revenue per month.
Paid Trips: This is the holy grail of making money with your travel blog – for someone to pay you for your work.
The best advice I can give you is work hard to make your travel blog an asset by building your traffic, social media following, and email subscriber list.
If you can guarantee a certain amount of views you have something of value to offer brand.
Congrats on starting your travel blog.
I hope you found these steps helpful in starting your travel blog.
If you have any questions please contact me directly [email protected]

It wasn’t until David moved to Turin

About David.
David Mayhew.

World Class Photographer A Brief History

Born in the UK David Mayhew initially studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Design.
His sense of adventure took him on a 19 months exploration in Australia, New Zealand , Fiji, Hawaii and hitch-hiking across Canada.
It wasn’t until David moved to Turin, Italy working for Fiat Auto that the advent of digital photography first caught his eye.
In 2003 David decided to bail out of the 9 to 5 environment and delve head first into photography, taking on studies in photography at the College of DuPage where he also joined forces with their meteorology program.
I strive to capture.
the full array of.
Mother Nature’s moods.
Facts About David.
David has seen some unique and beautiful sights including the largest ever recorded tornado (2.6 miles wide in El Reno Oklahoma May 2013), even putting himself in precarious situations.
Now based in Colorado at foot hills of the Rocky Mountains David is ideally located for heading East out to tornado alley or West to explore the mountains or the landscapes of the South West.
What the Future Holds ….
The draw of the night skies offers up great opportunities for creativity that have enabled David to expand his work into new realms.
David strives to continuing make new and remarkable images of Skyscapes and hopes to explore more on an international level.
“The draw of the night skies “.
offers up great opportunities for creativity “.
Why the Sky.

Online payments via Cloudpayments  We accept Visa

Online payments via Cloudpayments  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and process payments via Cloudpayments that is complaint with a PCI DSS 3.0 security stand ard.
We neither store nor process your sensitive data on our servers, all interaction is done by recieving a reply from Cloudpayments containing result of the transaction.
Cloud payments has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.
This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
To accomplish this, Cloudpayments make use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Cloudpayments.

Payments are done in the local company currency – RUB

converter using central bank Russia rate.
Legal company id – IE Korzhonov Daniil Alekseevich Registration Registration is completed when the initial deposit per person alongwith the signed booking form.
Note: The balance of payment must be paid in accordance with the payment terms and conditions .
The whole participation fee must be paid within 7 business days where registration is completed later than the specified final payment date.
Cancellation and Refund Policy We strongly recommend you to get a Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance after booking your trip.

If you cancel and the Workshop is otherwise filled

we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $300 service charge.

If you cancel and the Workshop does not fill

then you will be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the Workshop: Greater than 180 days from the start date of the Workshop: full refund minus $300 service fee.
90 days or more: 75% refund 60 days or more: 50% refund Less than 60 days: no refund Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.
Trip Cancellation and Insurance It is advised that all travellers purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance as protection against an emergency which may force you to cancel or leave from the tour either before it begins or while it is in progress.

Itinerary Changes We reserve the right to change the tour dates

itinerary, or accommodations as conditions warrant.
We reserve the right to change the itinerary due to weather conditions, political conditions and other factors beyond our control without consulting the participants.
It is understood that such decisions will be made in the best interests of all participants and with regards to safety first.
Participants have no right to any refund or other considerations in the event of these inevitable itinerary changes.
If a trip must be delayed, or the itinerary changed due to bad weather, road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, sickness, volcanic eruption or other contingency, the cost of delays or changes is not included.
Itinerary Cancellation We reserve the right to cancel the tour before departure for any reason whatsoever, including too few participants or logistical problems such as strikes, wars, acts of God, volcanic eruptions, or any other circumstances which may make operation of the trip inadvisable.
All trip payments received will be promptly refunded, and this refund will be the limit of our liability.
We are not responsible for any expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for the trip, including nonrefundable or penalty-carrying airline tickets, special clothing, visa or passport fees or other trip related expenses.

Limitations of Liability We assume no responsibility whatsoever caused for injury

loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly from: acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays, expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, terrorism, government restrictions or regulations and discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which it has no control.
Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well being of the participants.
In case of a medical problem arising during the expedition, which results in costs for evacuation, use of aircraft or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the passenger.
We strongly advise that passengers ensure that such eventualities are covered by travel insurance.
If not covered by travel insurance the responsibility still remains with the passenger and I specifically decline any responsibility whatsoever.

Copyright (c) All content included in this Site or in or through the other Services

such as text, photos, logos, video, graphics, sound, computer code, and the arrangement and selection of such content, is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and/or other intellectual property rights of and/or its third-party content providers.

You may use material from this Site or the Services only for your own personal

non-commercial use.

No portion of this Site or the other Services may be republished

reproduced, duplicated, copied, uploaded, downloaded, posted, transmitted, modified, sold, or otherwise exploited for any purpose that is not expressly permitted by
In the event of any permitted copying, redistribution, or publication of copyrighted material, no changes in or deletion of trademarks, author attribution or copyright notices may be made.
You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading material from this Site or the Services.
Information in RU.

If you arrive to St Petersburg by any cruise ship

Russian visas .
Russian visas .
There are  several ways to receive  Russian visas – it depends on how you get to St Petersburg.
If you arrive to St Petersburg by any cruise ship.

According to Russian legislation

you can stay in our city up to 72 hours without a visa in your passport – we  email you visa substitutes ( tour tickets = visa waivers) basing on your passport info  but you have to be accompanied by us everywhere.
We will meet you at the port, next to your cruise ship, and safely bring you back in the evening after the tour ;please keep in mind you have to spend a night on a board  of your ship.
Our  visa waiver covers  1-3 full  days in St Petersburg (including evening programs)  and will cost you nothing if you take our shore excursions .
If you come to our city by plane or train, .

You should have a Russian visa in your passport

You get it in your own country in the Russian Embassy/Consulate

One of the documents you need to get it is an invitation letter.
We can issue it for you for free, if you book any tour with us.
If you arrive by any kind of transport but train and your country is in the list here, you can use the electronic visa applying for it online.
It takes 4 days to issue it, and it is free.
Keep in mind you have to fill it in very carefully .

Cycling in Europe in Greece with best local team

2020 Guided Tour Dates.
See our Guided Tour s —  — June 21-28  and September 20-27   — —   —  GUIDED TOURS.
GREECE IS FLAT If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank.

See Extras tab * Travel Insurance

SARONIC JEWELS 3 islands, legendary Peloponnese sites guided with vehicle support .
Tour destinations : Athens, Hydra island, Spetses island, Poros island, Epidavros, Nafplio The Argo Saronic region in the southeast corner of the Peloponnese Peninsula is where everything encourages you to pedal at a gradual pace, or siga-siga (slow, slow) as the Greeks say.
We bicycle, swim, smell the lemons, shop for quality souvenirs and take enlightening archaeology tours of legendary antiquities.
The tour introduces you to three islands, two World Heritage Sites, .

The incredibly lovely city of Nafplio which you will rate your favorite

The region is known for its Nemean wines where wine-making from ancient days continues to inspire and delight visitors.
During the tour you will also get in the kitchen to learn how to make a traditional Greek meal, and then you will get to eat it.  There will also be a Greek spirits night of liqueur flavors you’ve probably never tried before and whose tastes are unique to Greece.   Learn a few handy phrases during a one hour Greek language lesson, and then you can greet the locals.
We recommend you take the Athens Add-on which precedes the Saronic Jewels spring tour and follows the fall tour.  You will immerse yourself in the culture of Athens and Attica region with exciting activities:  Historic Central Athens bike tour (90% traffic free), Acropolis & Acropolis Museum with professional guide, Temple of Poseidon coastal cycling, .

Walking food tour of Greek cuisine

2020 Dates April 29 – May 7,  Aug 29 – Sept 6  Duration 9 days Add-ons Athens

see Add-on tab Arrival City Arrival transfer See Extras tab Tour Start Point Tour End Point Minimum Age 18 Minimum Pax 8 Maximum Pax 14 Total Mileage 247 km or 154 miles  for standard route Highest Elevation 767 feet 234 m Rating Moderate – see.
Day 1 Athens Welcome to Historic Central Athens for the first day of the tour.   The meeting point of the tour is Acropolis pedestrian walkway.  Today is for relaxing, adjusting to jet lag, meeting fellow cyclists on the tour and getting fitted for your road bike and test riding it on the Acropolis walkway.  Welcome dinner in the Plaka.
Day 2 Hydra island & Spetses island Everyone is transferred to Piraeus port for the two-hour hydrofoil transfer to car-free Hydra, an elegant island attracting high-end artists whose paintings, jewelry and clothes fill the local shops .
As Hydra is also bike-free, the day’s activity is a hike up to a monastery offering tremendous views.
Late afternoon sea transfer to adorable Spetses island hike 6 km, 3.7 miles, from sea level to 1561 feet, 476 meters Day 3 Spetses island Spetses is so small you can circumnavigate the island by bike in a couple of hours.
At a half-way point enjoy swimming at a beach with a marvel ous sea cave accessible where pirates hid out.
In the evening, you’re treated to a private tour of the Laskarina Bouboulinas Museum, the national heroine who commanded her own fleet during the Greek Revolution 24 km, 15 miles Day 4 Poros island Return to the Peloponnese mainland by water taxi and hug the coast eastward on mostly flat terrain to reach Galatas, the port opposite Poros, from where you take a ten minute ferry to the island.
Put on your aprons for dinner to prepare your meal in a traditional Greek cooking class .
57 km, 35 miles Day 5 Epidavros Hop on the ferry again back to the Peloponnese mainland to bike to the serene coastal town of Epidavros.
The route has spectacular views overlooking the Aegean Sea.
39.30 km.

24.40 miles Day 6 Nafplio A gradual climb brings us to Ancient Epidavros

the 3rd century BC outdoor theatre seating 13,000 spectators with impeccable acoustics.
Epidavros was the most famous healing center in ancient Greece, focusing on mind, body and spirit.
Continue biking to Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece, and the prettiest city in the Peloponnese.
48.50 km, .

29.80 miles Day 7 Nafplio Bike Nafplio to Ancient Mycenae on mostly flat back road

Tour Mycenae with a professional guide.
After lunch cycle back to Nafplio.

Pre-dinner wine tasting of famous Nemean wines

46.60 km.

30 miles Day 8 Athens One hour vehicle transfer to Ancient Nemea

one of the four sites where athletic games were held (the most famous being Olympia), and the one with the finest stadium entrance.
From Nemea cycle to Ancient Corinth, the Roman ruins where St.
Paul preached.
Farewell dinner in Athens 31.50km, 19.50 miles Day 9 Departures.
Day 1: Athens – Arrive and Welcome Drink  Day 2:  Historic Central Athens Bike Tour & Acropolis + Acropolis Museum Day 3: Athens – Temple of Poseidon Day 4: Athens –Athens Walking Food Tour Day 5:  depart, end of tour  * Breakfasts are included at the Athens hotel.
* three lunches * no dinners * Airport transfer on departure, requires minimum 4 persons, maximum 8 persons.
See Extras tab * Travel Insurance.
See Extras tab.
Cost in euros based on double occupancy 9 day Tour 2850 euros per person Single supplement 9 days 850 euros See TOUR INCLUSIONS.
8 nights Accommodations: 3-4 star hotels, primarily family owned and operated, ranging from boutique hotels to seaside upscale hotels.
Tasteful, clean, air-conditioned, private bath, abundant hospitality, comfort.
All accommodations are standard doubles with option for upgrade.
All accommodations serve breakfast, usually buffet style.
Tour prices are based on double occupancy.
Check single supplement price for a single room.

5 sea transfers: Piraeus to Hydra (hydrofoil)

Hydra to Spetses (hydrofoil), Spetses to Kosta port on mainland (water taxi), Galatas port on mainland to Poros (ferry or water taxi), Poros to Galatas (ferry or water taxi).
Bikes: Specialized road bike.
Triple chain ring, 27 gears, carbon fiber fork.
Carbon Tarmac bikes are available as an upgrade for 400 euros.
Electric bikes are available as an upgrade for 300 euros.
Regular pedals or toe clips on request.
You are welcome to bring your own clip-in pedals and shoes.  See and Bike gear: helmet, water bottles, handlebar pouch, odometer Support vehicle: (“sag wagon”) with bilingual driver who is also a bike mechanic.
Vehicle carries spare parts, spare fully pumped wheels, floor pump, ice cooler, water, nutritious snacks, bike tools, first aid kit, day packs, luggage and gives you a lift if you get tired.
Tour Leader / Bike Guide: the Tour Leader handles all the tour logistics and bikes with the group.
All Meals: * Breakfasts are included at each hotel.
* 7 lunches — you choose from the menu.
* 8 dinners consisting of 2-3 appetizers and salad chosen by us and shared by the group.
You are offered an entrée choice, usually a meat, fish or vegetarian dish.
Dessert, house wine or beer, water or beverage.
Bike Routes: Options (1) RideWithGPS App tour routes to upload to your iphone or Android with voice narration – bring your own bike mount (2) GPX tracks to download to your device – bring your own bike mount   Trip packet: useful and interesting information about the regions, packing tips, general travel info for Greece Archaeology tours: Private one hour archaeology tour with professional licensed guides at Epidavros and Mycenae.
Entrance fees: Entrance fees to Epidavros, Mycenae, Nemea.
Wine Tasting: Nemea wine tasting with local expert Traditional Greek Cooking Class: takes place in Poros, led by local cook CycleGreece lite backpack: 17” x 13”, 43cm x 33cm TOUR EXCLUSIONS.
* Airfare to/from Greece * Transfers between Athens Airport and Athens — see Extras tab * Travel insurance — see Extras tab Participants are required to sign our.
Participants are required to agree to the.
E-bikes for an 8 day tour cost 300 euros.
See and for more info.

Upgrade to a Specialized Tarmac Sport

carbon fiber frame and fork.
Cost is 400 euros for an 8 day tour.
See and for more info.
For travel insurance for U.
S citizens, we are official agents of.
Contact us to receive a policy quote.
Cost of coverage depends on various factors including your state or residence, your age, dates of travel.
Travel insurance is not provided for flights booked using frequent flyer mileage.
Some policies require booking within 15 days of paying your trip deposit, such as, cancel for any reason or coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.
An indicative hotel for the Saronic Jewel tour is the elegant Grande Bretagne Hotel in Nafplio Request Links To Saronic Jewels Accommodations.
Click to open in Google maps Overnight destinations and points of interest Saronic Jewels overnight destinations   Points of interest Athens Add-on destinations.

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Athens Add-on4 nights.
Spring: April 29 – May 7 April 25 – 29  Athens Add-on Autumn: August 29 – September 6 September 6-10  Athens Add-on Circumnavigate the entire island of Spetses with a pit stop at a pirate’s sea cave Climb the 999 steps to Palamidi, a 17th century Venetian fortress in Napflio Attend a wine tasting session of the famous Nemean wines led by a local expert Enter King Agamemnon’s remarkable beehive tomb at Ancient Mycenae Listen to a stage whisper from the highest tier at 3rd century BC Epidavros Theater Epidavros Theatre.

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